Working @Empact: how is it different?

We strive to differentiate ourselves from the big consultancy firms through a pragmatic, tailor-made and exclusive support by leveraging the knowledge, competencies and resources of our customers. We realise sustainable results by thinking and acting with (and not for) the client.

Our vision of building a concrete partnership with our customers allows our employees to really impact the business and make change actually happen, which is enormously gratifying.

Working at EMPACT will allow you to interact with a wide range of people, from top management to floor employees (including the trade unions), in a variety of industries.

We trust our employees, which gives them a great opportunity to develop themselves, benefit from real empowerment and involvement in the complete process. Standard, predefined career tracks do not exist.  One can evolve within EMPACT at his/her own pace and design his/her ideal career track.

Our employees get the opportunity to really contribute to the development of the company: in a structured way and not only “on-top-of” a normal day-job.

As a team member you develop solid consulting background in various areas and must feel at ease with the following attitudes: empathic, highly dedicated, experienced, team-minded and result-driven.

Being honest, caring and constructive are key values you integrate in your way of working.

You are in the driver-seat: taking initiative is key to progress.