Accelerating progression

As we live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world that requires continuous business progression, the quality and the speed of the progression make the difference between companies that thrive or falter.

We help our clients be successful in 3 distinct types of BUSINESS PROGRESSION:

  • Single step disruptive Progression, such as reorganizations and mergers;
  • Continuous Progression, helping companies as a whole accelerate their pace of repeated improvement from macro to micro level; and
  • Innovative Progression, developing and exploiting the ability to repeatedly combine continuous improvement with disruptive innovative leaps.

We believe we can only ensure sustainable business progression, by working very closely with our client teams as a true partner. We cultivate long term work relationship, reflecting our commitment and the client appreciation of our work.

We always seek the balance between long term and short term, concept and practice,
people and results.

Partnership is central to our way of working. Once we have identified the cause of the problem, we find solutions
together with the client.

Our progression approach is always customer-tailored – we never apply our methods rigidly. We analyse in detail the client’s specific requests, operations and processes and develop solutions based on the individual situation, taking into account the environment, sector, company culture and capacity to integrate change.

Positive progression can’t happen unless employees take ownership of any change project. We therefore leverage the knowledge, competencies, resources and energy in the client’s organization to drive sustainable change from within.

Our business partners

Since progression programs often require special expertise, we often collaborate with other parties for selected areas.

Although we act as an independent integrator in progression projects, we often work with the following ‘partner companies’:


Specialising in internal communication
enabling transformation

Our transformation lounge

As progression succeeds and takes hold from within, we spend most of our time at our clients’ premises.

For brainstorming, internal meetings, and creative thinking we bring the involved parties together in our transformation lounge at Tour & Taxis, which we also share with our ‘partner’ companies